Saturday, March 13, 2010

Birthday Mom

Happy 75th Mom

With every amazing thing you do and every special way you have of showing your love, you put the WOW in MOM. Have a wonderful day!

we start your day with your gorgeous tree peonies
and then go back in picture time

aren't you sweet on Smokey's lap
it's a wonder you didn't fall off!!

figured you needed some coffee now

love that expression
I believe I've seen it in the mirror
now I know where it came from

brunch to sweeten the day

showing your modeling pose

more flowers to brighten your day

our very own beauty pageant queen

cupcakes for lunch

Jennifer's graduation
were you excited or what???
and since we can never have enough sweets
a luscious cake for dinner

your professional sitting at 65

and to cap the night off,
a glass of wine.

Everybody should have somebody who cares, somebody to depend on, somebody who believes in them, somebody to trust, somebody to love and somebody to laugh with. That is a lot of people or one VERY WONDERFUL MOM.

Happy Birthday Mom

Love Sandy & Jennifer


  1. Happy birthday to your mom! Love the pictures - the one in the swimsuit is a classic - beautiful!!

  2. Sandy I want to wish your mom a happy birhtday. I hope she had a wonderful day. I enjoyed your post and all these darling pictures of her.

  3. It sounds like you are both lucky to have one another. Lots of love to go around.