Thursday, February 4, 2010


The need for purses. I don't have a purse to match all my shoes but I do have a purse for every occasion and season during the year. One of the many joys of shopping is finding a new purse on clearance for that special occasion that might come up.

my football purse
Go Vols
University of TN @ Knoxville

those delicate purses that look so good hanging up

that wonderful little black bag
perfect for that special evening

flea market purses to lighten my load
in order for all those great bargains

and then there are those for everyday use in my closet cabinet

drawer 1 holds the smaller size purses

drawer 2 has small purses

drawer 3 has medium size

and drawer 4 has larger sizes

And then of course not pictured are the large ones that hang in the back of my closet so they won't get messed up.

And then we have the accessories along with another small purse and lunchbag. There must be several different sizes of billfolds, cell phone holders, etc. in order to fit into the different size purses or your belt loops.

Oh the joy of shopping. Nothing is more fun than hitting those wonderful clearance racks at TJ Maxx and the department stores.


  1. Thanks for sharing. Do you have Ross or Marshalls? They have discount stuff also. I got DVDs at Ross yesterday for 3.99 each. Great for my five year old.

  2. Oh my gosh Sandy. Can you believe that I only own three purses. I feel so robbed after seeing this post. lol I don't have many shoes either. I think there's something seriously wrong with me.
    I hope you are enjoying that beautiful snow.

  3. Love purses, one can never have too many shoes, purses, lipstick, fabric and stash!!!