Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Looking For Signs of Spring

One ground hog said 6 more weeks of winter and the other said spring was coming. I'm afraid we are in the part of the country that is getting 6 more weeks of winter. It sure is hard to find something green in the garden when it keeps snowing. We had more this past weekend but it followed a 1/2" of ice first.

wind chimes have a hard time blowing in the breeze
when they are covered in ice

we do have some green on our pots
by the driveway

old fashioned buttercups coming up in the backyard
what a wonderful site to see

green on the back porch flowerpots

more buttercups trying to come up in the garden

thank goodness for the red birdfeeders
at least they add some color to the garden and the
birds eat their food almost faster than I can fill them up

more green in the planter flower pots

good stand of buttercups in the flower garden
we can't wait for them to bloom

birdbath base showing its green

Mom said our snow is hanging around waiting for more snow. Seems she is definitely right on this one. News said this morning we have had a record 7" of snow this winter which is the most in about 15 years. Our average is 2.2".

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