Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bottles, Bottles & More Perfume Bottles

I Love Perfume Bottles

my swan Jennifer gave me a couple of years ago

this one is big enough to hold perfumed lotion

I sit them in bowls

on the dresser

grouped in a crystal napkin holder
looks much better than holding napkins

and more in my corner cabinet


  1. Beautiful photos. That swan bottle is gorgeous. My husband's Grandma collected perfume bottles. She had some really old ones.

    Your site is so nice. I enjoy visiting it.


  2. I love purfume bottles as well! They are just lovely to look at. Love your collection. blessings,Kathleen

  3. Sandy I am so glad you came by this morning. I have been so behind that I hadn't made it by to see this collection and I would have hated to have missed it, because I have such a thing for beautiful perfume bottles. Your collection is gorgeous and the way you have displayed them shows how special they are to you. I would never have thought to display them in the ways you have here. Just lovely!
    hugs to you dear friend.

  4. You have a pretty collection of perfume bottles. I collect books :)