Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tennessee Tuesdays

The flea market is held at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds the 4th weekend of every month and is a treasure trove for bargain hunters. Cousin Betty and I had a beautiful sunny day Friday to walk and hunt for those bargains. Even better they had free parking for the day. Here is some of what we seen:

desks for kids

beautiful rockers

quilts and embroidery work galore

wonderful hand painted trunks

pecans, pecans and more pecans

beautiful saddles


and crows

old chandeliers

lots and lots of metal signs

and our loot
we each got a metal wreath and Cousin Betty also bought a basket and baby stroller

I went back with Mom on Saturday and we picked up a couple more of the rusted metal wreaths. They are marvelous, perfect to start decorating for Christmas. Now the only question is which one do we keep.

Cousin Betty also brought with her Uncle Richard and Aunt Mary. We enjoyed your visit so much and had such a great time while you were here.



  1. Sandy it looked like the perfect day to be out fleaing. I really love the metal wreaths!!!

  2. Oh!!! soooo many things!!
    Love your christmas music, Sandy!
    Happy december!

  3. What a great flea market. I think I may have to make a trip soon to see if those lobsters are still there. They'd be perfect in my garden. The metal wreaths are great to. I say keep them all.