Monday, November 23, 2009

Jennifer's Hydrangeas & Leland Cypress Trees

Mom and I have transplanted some of our hydrangeas to Jennifer's house over the past 5 years. The first one we transplanted has been a beauty, full of blooms each year and getting bigger and bigger.

A baby from when I pruned the big bush last year and stuck in the ground on both ends of her house by the driveway - this is 1 year old. I have 3 bought ones in between our babies.

One of the bought ones I picked up 2 years ago at K-Mart on clearance - they turn bronze much faster than our old varieties and this one bloomed this year. The other 2 have not bloomed yet.

Jennifer's big bush after I pruned it last week - it fills the entire corner and spills over onto her walk way going to the back door.

dried blooms from my pruning - they are so beautiful

baby leland cypress tree I planted last month - 3 in all

Leland cypress trees I planted last year - we are trying to cover up the neighbors animal shed - hopefully in another couple of years we won't be able to see it any more as fast as these trees are growing.



  1. Love the trees!
    take care,

  2. I think that hydrangeas have got to be the greatest plants ever, don't you Sandy? They're a plant that we can enjoy in almost every season and then enjoy their blooms dried in the Winter. I loved seeing how well all yours are doing. I've never started any from cuttings. This I must try!
    I love those cypress trees too.

  3. Oh, I can't wait until my hydrangeas get that big!

  4. I love hydrangeas...they are so darn pretty.....and I agree we can enjoy them all year....
    Mo ;-)

  5. Love hydrangeas! Pink and blue ones should be pruned late spring year before...white ones can be pruned in the fall...they prefer morning sun/afternoon shade...good luck...I'm still trying to get mine to bloom more!