Monday, October 5, 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away

The Bomb

Alan gave Mom and I his old truck which we accepted with the condition he would keep it running. So, he gave me a list of 5 things that needed worked on and asked me to bring it to work for our mechanic to work on. I told Alan I would do this on Friday so Thursday night he drove it out of the back field and around the house and backed it in the driveway so I could just pull out in the morning. And I'm the one that chose Friday - dumb.

I woke up I don't know how many times Thursday night. Not a good start to Friday. It was still raining and dark when I left the house for work. Really not a good start to my day.

First Off, I load the trash for the dumpster and notice Alan left a box of empty beer bottles in the back of the truck -- no tailgate. I picked them up and the box falls apart and old beer runs down my leg. I cuss, go back into the house for a bag to put them in while trying to keep the cats outside. I didn't want the beer bottles rolling out of the truck going to work -- I could just see a ticket from the cops for that one. I finally get everything in the truck and left 1 cat in the house and I'm ready to go. It starts right off and keeps on running. My day is perking up I thought. Then in the dark I am looking for the lights and windshield wipers. I pull on the 1 knob and it comes off -- oops. Try and finally get it back on and turn it instead, the wipers start working. Now I'm looking for the lights and no more knobs but there is a stick thing so I twist and pull and twist some more. Lights finally come on I think -- who knows how -- surely not me. I pull out the driveway and stop at the church to see if the lights are really on -- they are shining on the church sign so on I go to work. It is still dark and raining.

I get to the post office to pick up work's mail and damn. I have to roll the window all the way down so I can open the truck door and it is still raining.

I get to work and turn off the wipers and try to turn off the lights. Since I don't know what turned them on I start pulling, pushing and twisting that stick thing. It finally pushes in and the lights go off. Now time to get out and damn, it is still raining so I roll the window down to open the door so I can go in and start my day.

The Bomb being worked on

Had to bring the truck back to work on Monday and I must say no rain helped tremendously. We are back to running like we should and the door handle is now fixed. Can't get much better than that.


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  1. You made me laugh Sandy. I bet you weren't laughing though. We've had trucks like this before. I made hubs give the last one to our son and get himself a new one. What is there about these old trucks that hold so much appeal though. It must be their shabby chic look I guess.