Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fall is Arriving

A sure sign of fall -- beautiful mums and pumpkins galore. The mornings are so nice and brisk, the afternoons warmer and the evenings cooler once again. It is a joy to be outside working in the flower garden and around the house.

beautiful 2 colored mums found at Lowe's on Sunday

2 for the pots by the driveway coming onto the back patio

and 2 more for the pots by the back door

Velvet is ready and waiting to go in. When I get home from work the first thing we do is get out his "special" food, he eats, I sit and he is ready to be brushed and stroked until he thinks he has had enough then he goes on his merry way.

Yesterday I fed him and went straight back outside to plant the mums while Mom planted 2 Japanese Maple trees. He didn't have enough time to eat all his food because he was afraid he would miss something we were doing. Now he is determined we are done and doesn't mind telling us we should be done.

back door finished


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  1. Sandy, it looks beautiful! Those mums are such a lovely color. I sure do love those urns too!