Friday, October 30, 2009

Fall Gates & Leaves

Fall is so beautiful this year. With all the rain and the cooler temps the leaves are almost falling before they can turn colors. I think we have had better color this year than in the last several.

our old swing is catching leaves from the magnolia bushes nearby

our garden gate

rabbit birdbath catching leaves

entry gate I seen in Springfield yesterday afternoon
it looked as lopsided as the picture

another birdbath in the garden

fancy entry gate to side door of a Springfield home, they also had a massive gate to match for their parking area which was open and I couldn't get a picture of

ginko tree in garden with church in background



  1. Such lovely fall pics...your iron garden gate is to-die for!

  2. Sandy these Fall photos are so beautiful. All my leaves have now fallen, so out comes the rake I guess.
    I do love your garden gate so!

  3. I get a sentimental feeling when I see pictures like this and Fall starts to look like it will end~~
    I remember almost all 60
    (yes 60) Winters up NORTH...before we moved here to Texas 12 years ago ~~
    Winters were long and harsh at times. ~~(-37 degrees in Indiana and/or Chicago one winter. ) ~~Two MAJOR BLIZZARDS one in '77 & one in '78. ~~~~
    I do however LOVE EARLY FALL..and the bright colors the cooler weather...and the warm SUNSHINE..and the DELIGHTFUL smell of burning leaveas.. has always been my favorite. ~~Can't do that anymore in most places. ~~ Spiced Hot Apple Cider and my kids playing in the leaves. melancholy today.