Wednesday, September 16, 2009

White Wednesday Around the House

Another Great White Wednesday Has Arrived

First off is a cross stitch angel Jennifer stitched for Mom last Christmas. Pattern is one of the freebies from Mirabilia. She did a fabulous job and it is gorgeous. It now hangs in our den so we can enjoy it's beauty everyday.

Bathroom Renovation This Past Spring

Our house did not have a bathroom until 1974. They still used the old out house in the backyard. There was an outside porch on the side of the house and this is where they put the bathroom when they decided to add one. It is very tiny and had 1 room off of it that was used for storage. Thank goodness we didn't move in until 1975.

I just happened upon the white sink base at Lowe's for $10.00 and that started the entire renovation mess. We have such a small space the pedastal sink now gives us an illusion of more space. And of course we had to have a new mirror along with lights.

Mom's bargain pewter lamp she found at a yard sale. It resides in the corner of our dressing room off the bathroom.

Our new chest we needed for the dressing room and found at a local antique mall. This little room is just off the bathroom and we have always used it for storage until this past year. We replaced the dark brown paneling with white beadboard paneling and that makes the room seem so much larger. It was such a great addition to the bathroom and we enjoy it so much.

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  1. Sandy, your whites are lovely...i wonder where you live in tennessee...i visit eastern tennessee every parents and sister live there...thanks for stopping over to visit me today...happy white wednesday!!!

  2. Love that precious lamp. My husband had an uncle in Kentucky that got his indoor plumbing about the same time. Did the same thing with the porch. Your little bathroom looks sweet though....that mirror is gorgeous!
    Thanks for visiting me today! Hope you come again....

  3. The cross stitch angel is gorgeous and your bathroom make over is fabulous, Sandy! By the way - my "home" is East Tennessee - Maryville, near Knoxville. My parents and sister still live there, but I'm a northerner now by marriage! But we go back frequently to visit. Have a beautiful week...Kathy

  4. What a beautiful sink and mirror. Your post was very enjoyable.

    Happy Wednesday


  5. White beadboard, a few antiques and white accents, you can't go wrong!! Your space is adorable!!!If you can fit one more activity in your blog schedule, we'd love to have you over for Junkin' Mondays...our blog, every Monday...hope you can make it!
    Clara & Marcela

  6. I am crazy for beadboard, too. It never goes out of style.
    I think your angel is the most beautiful cross stitch I have ever seen.

  7. Hello
    It all looks wonderful! Love the pewter lamp and it looks great where you have it.
    Thanks for sharing, have a happy WW

  8. The $10 sink turned into a great redo! The beadboard is always a good look. Large bathrooms are overrated anyways.

  9. Loving that new pedestal sink and the mirror is beautiful too!! Thanks for sharing your whites with us!

  10. Wow, what a renovation from outhouse to beautiful! Great post, Hugs; Patricia

  11. I absolutely love your white beadboard and your bathroom. Classic and elegant all around!
    All the best,

  12. Hi Sandy, great whites today. Such a lovely angel and that lamp is wonderful. Thank you for showing me around your sweet cottage.

  13. I love the bathroom and the little dressing area. Your dresser there is just perfect!

  14. What a beautiful home you have! You have absolutely great taste, and your stitching is gorgeous too!

  15. Lovely post for white wednesday! that mirror on the bathroom wall is fantastic; just my style. My grandparent's house had a bathroom like the one you described; later they built a proper one but i still used it as a child. it was ... horrible!
    Take care,

  16. Love your white Wednesday post. $10....I have the same sink and paid a lot more. Great deal! Your blog is beautiful, being a southern girl I love magnolias.Lisa