Wednesday, August 26, 2009

White Wednesday

I thought for this White Wednesday I would pull out some of my linens for show. These have all been picked up at flea markets or antique malls. They are such a treasure trove for linens and I do enjoy looking for them. It is amazing to me what heirloom treasures people will sell, most not even realizing what they have.

3 piece set of doilys

baby pillowcases and regular pillowcases, all trimmed in crochet or tatting

beautiful handkerchiefs all trimmed in crochet or embrodiery

gorgeous lace and a handkerchief holder I ordered from an Ireland catalog several years ago

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  1. My gosh Sandy, these are gorgeous! I too am blown away by what people will give up. The work that went into creating all this beauty inspires me. Your collection is wonderful. I'm so glad you shared.

  2. Hello Sandy... yes, you need to keep all of those precious finds out on display...I especially love the beautiful lace handkerchief holder from Ireland... Julie Marie

  3. Hi Sandy, antique there something more charming? We don't think so! All the time and love that went into each piece....thank you for sharing your collection with us!

  4. what beautiful linens! charming, just reminds me of my grandmothers! thanks

  5. Just lovely linen collection! I have quite a stash too. I adore them and I know you do too.
    Happy White Wednesday!
    (Can you believe I actully made it over :)

  6. Hi Sandi, just beautiful linens. That last photo-the piece of lace at the bottom is incredible. Thanks for bringing them out for us!

  7. I had a dozen pair of hand crocheted pillow cases when I got married from my mother and a dozen sets of 7, embrodered dish towles. Silly me, I didn't save any of them.

    Yours are beautiful.

  8. It's a good thing for us people are willing to part with these things....or we'd never get
    The Irish lace is wonderful too.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Hi Sandy,
    What beautiful collection of linens. I love vintage linens. I agree, they are treasured heirlooms and it amazes me too that people are willing to part with them. Thank you for sharing. Have an awesome day.


  10. Hi Sandy,
    Such pretty new fave!

  11. Oh, Sandy ... they are breathtakingly beautiful. I love linens. Particularly love your last pics.
    TTFN ~Marydon

  12. These vintage linens are gorgeous. I, too, love vintage linens and have a box of my grandmothers that I adore.