Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Our Hero

When Jennifer's house was built the builder decided to make it really tight and blew insulation all around the foundation blocks. He then put insulation under the floors through out the house which rested on top of the AC duct work. Needless to say this year we had a problem. We have had very high humidity this summer and that along with the condensation from the AC ducts was absorbed into the insulation and up into the sub floors and right on up into the house which has caused the floors to buck up. The insulation from under the floors had to come out so Aaron spent part of his Friday under her house pulling down insulation so Mom and I could haul it to the outside opening and Aaron's Mom could bag it up for the dump since Jennifer's home owners insurance company "Travelers" would not approve the claim. They only pay if it was an act of nature or someone ran a car into her house. We could never have gotten this done in 1 day without their help.

Aaron -- Our Hero

Our opening to the dungeon -- there is enough room under the house to duck walk and crawl on your knees -- we had a good laugh at each other pulling and tugging the insulation back and forth to this opening -- thank goodness no one had their camera handy at this point.

Finished just as Jennifer was getting off of work -- we ran out of bags and were waiting for her to pick some up on her way home from work. We let her help us bag all this mess.

truck load #1 for the dump

truck load #2 for the dump


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