Monday, June 1, 2009

My Daughter's Home & Flowers

Jennifer has lived here for 5 years this last May. There were no flowers or trees, only the bushes by her windows in front along with 2 half dead cedar trees which we cut down. After she bought the house she hold me she would take care of the inside and Mom and I could plant and do whatever we wanted to the outside. What would we do without our kids?

In the last 4 years we have made 2 flower beds with different red daylillies on the back side of her deck, planted a row of red tip photinia bushes and leyland cypress trees across the back fence to hide her neighbors fields and livestock. We have also planted hydrangea bushes and cuttings from our house along the side of her house by the driveway and made a flower garden 1/2 the length of her property to cover up a drainage ditch that runs the length of her property. The driveway is between this flower bed and the house. We still have a work in progress.

The magnolia tree was a transplant from Aunt Zelda and was no bigger than 12" at the most when we planted it. It looks huge now compared to then.

She loves her lions and has then on her front porch along with these on her back steps. The wrought iron handle also has lion heads on the top and bottom and she has 2 more to match on her other back steps.

New Guinea impatients at the bottom of the back steps. The iron edging is inside a whisky barrel to keep the outside stray cats from jumping in.

More lions on her deck to guard her loveseat and chairs.

A concrete tiger to guard her flower bed in front of the drainage ditch that runs down the side of her property.

Light pink oriental lillies doing great in the flowerbed by the drainage ditch.

Orange oriental lillies in the same flower bed.

Yellow stella d'oro daylilies that end the side flower bed. Her dad put up a corner fence to hyde the neighbors mess and animals.

Her concrete lion head guarding the end of the driveway.
I hope you enjoyed your tour of my daughter's home and flowers.

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  1. Wow! Jennifer's place is really coming along! You need to place a small sign...."Landscaped by Mom"!