Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Corner Garden

After being overgrown for the last couple of years I cleaned out and trimmed everything I could get my hands on this spring and moved my old chair back into the corner garden. I had put paving stones down and it was nice to be able to see them once again. There are 3 crype myrtle bushes that are starting to come back out which will ensure privacy from the road front. I also have a whiskey barrel with peonies we transplanted from shady spots in the yard and hopefully they will bloom next year.

I picked the birdhouse up at the Nashville flea market several years ago. It has a tin roof and old door back plate and knob. Perfect for the corner.

Raised bed of Stella d'Oros daylilies. This is on one side of the corner garden. Double pink tulips are in front and looked so nice this spring. I also planted 3 light pink peony buses this year behind the daylilies which should bloom next year.

This old white country rose was dug up from a field that my neighbor's friend said we could have if we would come and get it. We couldn't get there fast enough. It smells heavenly.

Annabelle hydrangea blooming in the middle of yellow daylilies. The daylilies are getting ready to bloom now and should be spectacular. This is on the back side of the corner garden.


  1. There is always some corner at my house that needs cleaning...
    I love that chair..... I have never seen one quit like it ...... your garden is so lush and green so peaceful

  2. I got lucky with the chair -- my SIL was trashing it and I got it.