Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Benches, Daylilies & Swings

We have 4 concrete benches and 2 swings placed around our garden. Our cats seem to enjoy lounging on them while they watch us work.

double light peach daylily

bench under the althea bush close to the peeling white swing

hot pink daylily

bench in front of purple (supposed to be red) clematis - the iron work the clematis is on is one we picked up at a yard sale - the lady just wanted to get rid of them

yellow trimmed in red daylily

swing in back corner of our garden - it is surrounded by bald cypress trees on 3 sides and a ginko tree behind it

double orange/red daylily

white peeling swing -- we figured if we waited long enough it would peel right off for us - seems to be slowly working


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