Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Making A 3 Day Weekend Count

It was such a hot and humid holiday weekend that I chose to work in the shade all 3 days.  The pecan tree has grown enough now that the iris' and daylilies we had planted years ago were no longer blooming.  Now it is time for hostas.

old hostas around the pecan tree
added 2 new pots

dug out iris and daylilies and
started planting hostas

ending next to peonies that will be
moved next spring since they need
more sun also

full length view

The best part is that I've got plenty of room to add more hostas next spring and after the peonies are moved there will be even more room.

While taking a break from mulching yesterday afternoon Alan was mowing and ran a snake into the peonies.  When I came back out he told me it went in a hole and he left me the hoe in case it came back out!

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