Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Around the Garden This Summer

August has been a great month for us so far, cooler temps and more rain after a very hot and humid July.

 new bird statute at the little pond

dragonflies are abundant this year

glass frog from Marshall's clearance counter
brightens up the hens and chicks

hens and chicks blooming
along with daylilies

 2 new hibiscus
Midnight Marvel

new low round blue pot
full of african daisies

new tall skinny tall blue pot
with pink mandevilla

rose champions
love it under the pine tree

Mom's hydrangeas
right side of front porch

Mom's Hydrangeas
left side of front porch

1 comment:

  1. I really need to come by and visit more often for sure! I love all your beautiful garden ideas and your plants. You have convinced me to start doing more container gardening down here.
    I can't believe how fast Bella is growing, and she's so beautiful.
    So glad I stopped in.