Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Water Gardens Are Finished

new tub water garden
as you walk into the garden from the house
white water lilies from Patricia

deep birdbath in middle of garden
water hyacinths and pink periwinkles

 litte stock tank with concrete flamingo
on left side, middle of the garden
white water lilies from Patricia

little pond on right side of garden
white water lilies from Patricia

and of course the big stock tank
at the back of the garden
pink and yellow water lilies, water
hyacinths, black elephant ears and
deep red begonias


  1. They look wonderful! Those lilies are going to be spectacular. :o) I've been experimenting with water gardens this summer, too. I bought a few ceramic pots that don't have drainage holes and filled them with water plants.

  2. So many great water features. Those lilies will really brighten them up too. I'll bet the wildlife loves all the water access.

  3. Just lovely! Can imagine how pretty they will be when all the lillies are flowering :o)