Friday, January 13, 2012

First Snow

Our First Snowfall of the New Year
in the Garden

The weathermen hit it right this time around, 1/2"--1" in most areas around us. We backed our cars in the driveway just in case thank goodness. It started snowing about noon yesterday and we had snow showers up till midnight. Temps this morning were in the low 20s with the windchill in the teens. Thank goodness the main roads were cleared once we managed to get to them. What a way to end the work week. Should be back to the 50s by Monday.


  1. The snow looks so pretty, Sandy! No snow here, but it is really cold.

  2. Hi Sandy, how ironic that you received your first snowfall about the same time we did up here in Wisconsin. Isn't it pretty? I love how snow transforms everything.

    I was looking at Bella's pictures, oh, she is such a doll! What a pretty little girl and one year old already. Oh, how the time flies.