Thursday, July 28, 2011


The Latest Cat Food Critter

I'm watching from inside the porch
taking his picture through door

open the door and he backs off a little

he's not afraid of me at all
I'm still standing in the doorway

clap my hands and he retreats a little

but only for a minute

back to check out the missing bowl of food

He finally ran away after I stomped my feet and clapped my hands several times, I was back standing at the doorway again by this time. I had been bringing in any food our Wild Cat doesn't eat every night about the time it gets dark. This raccoon has decided to come early, the past couple of nights he has shown up around 6:00. So much for leaving the food out for Wild Cat, he will have to eat a lot earlier from now on.

Velvet was laying on top of Mom's new car while all this was going on. Don't know why we thought he would be any help. haha

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

For the Birds


hummingbird feeders over the patio
awesome seeing them eat
watching from the kitchen windows
or sitting on the patio

small feeder as you
start walking around the garden

feeder I found at TJ Maxx
in front of garden

thistle/sunflower feeders
for the finches on other side of garden

my other TJ Maxx feeder
at the back of the garden

big feeder at the end of the garden
our neighbor's chickens have found it
they love eating what has been spilled below

2nd thistle feeder at fireplace
garden next to house

Thursday, July 21, 2011

For the Birds


are they coming or going
shade garden by patio

I got 6 of these bluebird houses
at Lowe's on clearance
pre-drilled holes are a blessing
for putting them up

Hobby Lobby clearance $2.50 each
and they still have 2 on the shelves
what were people thinking to leave them

nesting boxes, have 2
one on each end of the garden

in my corner garden
the daylilies have had it

at the back of the garden

old house that fell down

and the butterfly house
they have never used!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cross Stitch Quilt Blocks


For Ryan - LDI
Whimsical Sam by
Janet Morningstar of Moonlight Inspirations
14 ct White Aida, DMC Floss

For Ryan - LDI
An All American Dog by Alma Lynne
14 ct White Aida, DMC Floss

Thursday, July 14, 2011

More Water

our other 2 little water gardens

at the end of the patio
the sound of water is so refreshing
sitting on the patio
the impatiens are doing great
along with 3 little goldfish

little pond in the garden
got the water lily from Lowe's and it's
almost ready to bloom
we have 2 little goldfish in this one

bloom time for the water lily

Walking around the house and garden is so much more enjoyable with the water gardens and their wildlife. We have more birds and frogs than ever before along with everything we don't see and probably don't want to see. The water lilies are so beautiful whether they are blooming or not. I can't wait for the red one in the stock tank to grow up.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


garden is coming in

first mess of green beans,
green peppers and tomato

Bella picked out her pepper
now to see what that little finger can do to it

cherry tomatoes

tomatoes from Jennifer & Clemente

very plump blueberries
better this year than ever before


and Mom's raspberry jam

Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Water Garden

Stock Tank Heaven

I finally bit the bullet and went to TSC
for a 6' round stock tank for our new water garden

side with Japanese & Louisiana Iris
we are rooting some of Grandma Belcher's
hydrangeas which will go on the other side
more rocks are on my list for Lowe's to
finish this flower bed

elephant ears I was excited to find 1/2 price
at a nursery we went to last weekend

then went to Home Depot and darned if they
hadn't gotten in a new shipment of black
elephant ears for the same price and much bigger plants

also have plenty of water iris blooming and
3 bags of hornwort sunk on the bottom

metal crane and porcelain fish I
caught on sale at Hobby Lobby
orange cord hanging in the back is for
the bug zapper which has sure made
it more pleasurable to sit outside

impatiens doing very well
they get late morning and early afternoon sun
seem to like the water staying in the bottom
of the pot all the time
caught the pots on clearance at Target

looking from the back of the tank
towards our swing we are enjoying once again

I built a ledge of concrete blocks so the fish could swim through and put a stepping stone on top for the flower pots with impatiens to sit on. I did the same for the elephant ears, fish and crane around the edges of the tank. I wanted plenty of places for the goldfish to hide since we have cats roaming around. I also put 2 water wigglers on the ledge to help control any mosquito problem we might have with this much water. It only took 2 days before we had tadpoles swimming around although there are not that many anymore since I put in 4 goldfish Saturday.

The bug has bit, where or where can I put another one and how many can I fit in our gardens. Won't Mom be thrilled!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Favorites

Bella - 9 Months Old