Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day Off

I started on Saturday morning and got all of the marigolds planted at Jennifer's house, 8 large pots for mosquito repellent. I sure hope it works as well this year as last year. Races were rained out so we went shopping for the afternoon.

Sunday I managed to get most of my flowers planted until I ran out of dirt. I only have 1 pot of marigolds left so will get those done this week. It was in the high 80s so I didn't really mind running out of dirt. haha

Yesterday I had the day off so I needed a project to make the day count. It was 86 again and muggy to boot. Put the fan on the porch and made my start.

but first

my #1 helper gave out and went indoors for the AC

white Louisiana iris blooming in
the kitchen rose garden

light blue Louisiana iris blooming
in the kitchen rose garden

this is what I started with
originally built for a fire pit we never used
at end of our back patio

new mini water garden
got my galvanized tub at TSC
& the duck 1/2 price at Hobby Lobby
gotta love their sales
just need a goldfish now

Mom's new bench from Steven R & family
for Mothers Day
perfect place to sit and enjoy the sound
of water

my #2 helper
he managed to lay close enough to swat
at me as I walked back and forth


  1. It's so good to be here again reading your garden posts. You have been hard at work already and I have barely started. Isn't it strange how different things are in our parts of the country. But it is a big country afterall, so I shouldn't be surprised. It's just that the use of computers makes it seem much smaller. I loved all your beautiful iris.
    The water feature is a wonderful addition too. I loved this walk through the garden with you today Sandy!
    hugs from here...