Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ready for Baby

All We Need Now Is The Baby!

here's hoping the ultrasound is right
picture perfect gorgeous outfit

and all the rest of the clothes

2 of Mom's crochet afghans

stuffed animals Jennifer kept from her childhood

figurines she has bought over the years

more figurines

cross stitch care bear and garfield

bumper pads Mom made last week
Jennifer's favorite Scooby Doo
the teal in the material matches the walls perfectly

Scooby and care bears awaiting their playmate

more Scooby

Only 5 weeks more to go and we will have a new addition to our family. We are all very excited for her to get here and let the spoiling begin.


  1. Wow! Everything looks so great! Love the teal color, and all the stuffed animals. Can't wait for the birth announcement!

  2. well I can tell you are excited!! rightly so too, congratulations (in advance) to all of you!!