Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Baby

!! We Are Having A Baby !!

We will have a new little one in our family before this year is out. Jennifer went to the doctor last week and heard the heart beat and all is as it should be. We are so excited and the baby's due date is October 5. Around the end of May we will be able to know if she will be having a girl or boy.

This will be my 1st grandchild and Mom's 1st great-grandchild. Now for the fun to begin.

my baby quilt
time to take it down and clean it up
and dig out all the other baby quilts

gorgeous outfit my friend Deb made for our new little one

the shopping has begun

Now we have something else to shop for when we make our rounds of TJ Maxx and Marshall's stores. We did go to Babys-R-Us since they are supposed to have everything one could possibly need and it is amazing how much stuff they think you need to take care of a baby now-a-days. I don't even remember half of their stuff being around when Jennifer was a baby and we survived quite well.

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  1. Congrat's!!! I am so happy for you and her.

    Is your head bumping the clouds today???

    Have a blessed day.