Thursday, February 25, 2010

Looking for Green

Looking for More Signs of Spring Coming

buttercup blooms getting nice and plump

mums coming back

sedum peaking through

snowdrops in abundance

and tulips making a good stand

This past weekend was sunny and beautiful with the temps in the low 60s. Amazing what a couple of days of pretty weather can accomplish in the flower garden. Now we are back to 30s-40s and snow showers/flurries. We can't wait for spring to arrive.


  1. We had to cover last night. It droped to 28. But it is suppose to get to 62 today. Hopefully that is the last frost. Fingers crossed.

    Have a wonderful day.

  2. Oh Sandy I can't wait to see a little green myself. It will be a little while yet, because all is under a few inches of snow yet. But when it happens so fast.

  3. Crazy weather lately. It's so nice to see all those pretty little green sprouts.


  4. I love seeing plants like this poking their heads up........a true sign of spring! blessings,Kathleen