Wednesday, October 7, 2009

White Wednesday At Our House

amazing what one coat of fresh paint can do for a house

front door

I'm Waiting

front porch

I'm ready to go in now

right side of house - we painted as far as we can reach - now to find something taller and draw straws to see who gets to go up there

no one is following me yet

back of right side we had to fix that started all the painting

We have had part of the last 2 Sundays that we were able to paint. The flat part of this roof above is some type of rubber stuff and last Sunday Mom was reapplying more to the cracks that developed over the summer. I was painting the siding and listening to Velvet whine because he was not getting any attention. I finally told him to go and talk to Mom. He looked at me and then flew up the tree and jumped over to the roof to keep her company for a few minutes. He then noticed the upstairs window was open and went on in and downstairs. I came through the front door about the time he hit the bottom stair, scooped him up and took him back outside the porch door on the other side of the house. He flew back around the house, up the tree and headed for the window before I could even walk back around the house. Mom just barely had time to shut the window before he got there. He came back down the tree and started whining to me again. He finally gave it up and laid down to watch us work.

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  1. Its looking are right: it's amazing what paint can do. Vive la paint!!

  2. your house is looking beautiful, fresh white paint, you can't beat that

  3. Hi Sandy, It sounds like to me your cat was going to get the attention one way or another, but didn't exceed.. so cute.
    It's quite a big job to do with painting, but all so worth it!

    Hey thanks for the visit, Take Care-

  4. Hi, dear Sandy!~Loved your photos on white wednesday! what a pretty way to do it! your cat is gorgeous! i always wish to have a black cat!
    hope you like my white wednesday things too. sweet dreams,

  5. I do love a beautiful white house!! Yours looks light and airy! Fabulous job!

    Happy White Wednesday!


  6. Sandy, your house is looking beautiful. A lot of hard work though, but worth it in the end. Velvet is one smart kitty!

  7. Love your beautiful white house!!
    Happy day.

  8. Looks great. Love the color!! Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the rest of your week.


  9. It looks beautiful. Your kitty looks like my Salem! Blessings,Kathleen